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Can AI Improve Managed Print Services?

More and more companies are hopeful big data will make all aspects of their technology and business perform at higher levels. The question we would like to address is, can AI help your managed print services program?

We have been doing managed print and nationwide printer repair for years. The companies we work with are asking more about how AI can help their company.

In this article, we discuss AI and how it can help your company with managed print services, as well as when it may not be so useful.

AI and Predictive Supplies

Using AI technology, there is data like the rate of toner usage for trends. For example, the first quarter of each year shows there is a lot more printing, or more printing at the end of each month. As this data gets into the AI engine, it makes predictive toner supplies fulfillment more accurate and helpful.

If you went with the older school method, toner would ship when there is 10% of the toner left, for instance. Now there can be better data and multivariant analysis. For example, maybe the data shows cartridges should be replaced when they are at 7% rather than 0% to keep the print quality high enough. Or maybe it shows very specific user trends for end-of-month or end-of-year print volumes. 

The more data can be run through an AI decision matrix, then the support can improve as the system anticipates what is coming.

An MPS provider has to consider using artificial intelligence to improve the client experience with supplies fulfillment.

AI and Predictive Service

Like predictive supplies, service is similar. The old school way was let a printer break, send out supplies or parts, and have a technician fix the device.  Now, AI can start computing things the older method didn’t allow. It’s technically more possible now to know when parts are going to need to be replaced (the big data model can determine the thickness of each piece of paper, and compute estimated usage.)

Having service on your multifunction printer becomes easier because the system understands your printing needs better than you do, and even better than we do. The power is in the computer knowing what to look for.

By using algorithms, the service is more consistent, more reliable and actually cheaper than when it was on break-fix or a manual mode.

Improve Business Processes with AI

Next, you may have different business processes that can be helped by a AI-based managed print solution. As the system learns the flow of documents, then it is able to predict what else may be needed.

For example, let’s say you are a title company. If you get a bunch of referrals where you enter upcoming deals, if the device is connected to the managed print engine, it would automatically order a toner if you were low, and the system saw the need for the prints.

This will normally help employee productivity and create a more robust digital workplace. The print infrastructure benefits because the modeling of the computer helps the client know when they will be getting supplies and service for the company.

Where Does AI Work?

Normally, companies will apply AI technology to networked printers and skip over inkjet printers or locally attached printers. It generally isn’t overly connected to cloud computing other than the reporting of the toner and usage.

AI tends to have a little higher cost, but it does help productivity. The higher cost isn’t actually a higher cost; it is higher compared to expenses you are tracking today.

If you want help designing an AI-driven printing platform, we would love to help your company. We pay attention to your printing needs as well as what the algorithms say to ensure you get the kind of service you deserve. We are able to do this because we have engineers who do managed IT services and experts in the print industry who work together to get you the best overall scenario.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can help your company with a managed print program powered by AI.