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Business Brief: 4 Resources About Printer Repair 

Do you or someone in your company struggle with printer repair issues on a regular basis? Today’s networked devices are as intelligent as some computers. Prices for a decent printer or copier can range from a few thousand to more than a small car. Therefore, whether to repair or replace these assets is not a decision to be made lightly. 

The abstracts here recap the deeper information available in each article. These educational resources will help if you’re unfamiliar with the world of printer repair service, or if you’re an experienced manager looking for a few new support ideas. 

Browse the four resource summaries, then dive deeper into any topics that catch your eye. 

1 – Should I Repair or Replace My Printer? 

Everyone who deals with printer repair service or parts issues at work should ask some basic questions about printer repair and replacement. This article covers these key questions:

  • Would office productivity increase with a new printer? And would a new printer make your employees happy?
  • Is the replacement part you need included in a regular maintenance kit?
  • How much mileage does your printer have on it?
  • Does the cost of the repair exceed the value of your current printer?  

These might be questions you wouldn’t have thought to ask, but the answers give important information to help you decide whether it’s better to repair that cranky multifunction printer or invest in something better suited to what your users need. 

2 – What to Know About Print Fleet Repair

Maintaining reliable repair service is a weekly concern for companies that don’t have a good managed print provider or a repair company. Repair logistics become even more difficult if your business has many different models and many locations.

This article tackles some basic questions about printer repairs:

  • Why Bother with Printer Repairs?
  • Managed Cartridge program?
  • Print Costs or Repair Costs?

After this quick read, you’ll have a better sense of what kind of printer repairs model would work best for your business now. 

3 – What Customers Can Expect With Enterprise Printer Support

When it comes down to it, most of our enterprise printer repair customers want a few simple things: good pricing, good care and attention, honest communication, and a secure network. 

  • Transparency: Communicating openly not only when things are bad, but when there’s good news, too. When we work with clients, we let them know all of the equipment we would not touch or replace.
  • Pricing: Most of our enterprise clients aren’t asking us to be the cheapest out there. What they want is solid, reliable service without getting nickel-and-dimed for every little thing.
  • Security: If a printer or copier is old and needs security updates, or it creates gaps in IT security, you want to know about these holes  and have them plugged by experienced technicians.
  • Responsiveness: Work with a printer partner who takes these issues seriously and does whatever it takes to get the issue resolved and employees back to work.

This short article gets more specific about what each of these qualities means. We don’t think they are too much to ask for. They’re just what an enterprise should expect from a good managed print services provider. 

4 – What Is the Printer Service Process Like for the Customer?

We work with clients across the country to manage their print fleets. We deal with major brands, like Xerox, HP, Canon, etc.  HP printers and Xerox printers are some of the most common out there. No matter what you have, we are likely to be able to help get you the repair parts, the technicians, and the sales experts to keep the printer service burden on you as low as possible.

  • What is my responsibility as a client?
  • What else can I do through the portal?
  • What other ways can I make a service or support request?
  • What happens once you get a service request?
  • What will a printer service and support plan cover?
  • After the part is ordered, then what?
  • What if we can’t fix your laser printer?

What Else Do You Need to Know about Printer Repair?

If your printer service experience lacks something, or if you want to learn more about printer repair, we’ve got more information. These two printer repair guides may also be helpful as you continue the learning journey. We also have experts on staff ready to answer questions.

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