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Guide to Nationwide Printer Repair Part 2: Seven Common Questions

In our previous article, we introduced you to Part 1 of the “Guide to Nationwide Printer Repair” with the 10 business benefits of nationwide printer repair for multilocation businesses. Now we pick up the topic again with answers to seven questions we often hear from new printer repair customers. 

Common Questions About Nationwide Printer Service

Q1 – What do I look for in a nationwide printer repair partner?

The first question is also the most obvious — can the provider promise consistent, responsive printer service across the US?

Then look at how they back up their claim. Companies that have committed to services for printers and copiers and other business tech demonstrate that through their strategies for acquisitions and growth. Well-positioned service providers have a track record of adding fresh talent and coverage reach that translates into more value for customers.

For us, this business model began years ago, starting with larger clients and regional accounts with multiple offices outside who asked for our advice on servicing those locations. From scenarios like those, we grew and grew our technician database. Today, we’re well connected with technical professionals across the US. 

Q2 – How long does response take with nationwide service? 

Down time for business printers and copiers means downtime for business workflow. Your customers may experience delays. Your staff gets more and more frustrated, and you never know how you’ll handle the next service call.

There’s only one economical way to overcome that problem – with a pre-established nationwide network of proven service technicians. Your service partner should already have a go-to person or two in their database for your particular location.

Q3 – What does a nationwide printer coverage plan look like?

In a word – simple. Depending on the type of service contract you have, you may pay a monthly fee or no fee at all. But the common thread is a one-stop solution for printer and copier repair.

There may be other options after you get past the hurdle of the first question. For example, some plans offer auto toner replenishment or the ability to order toner directly online at competitive rates.

Q4 – How do you fulfill the promise of service nationwide? 

That’s a fair question, and the honest answer is we don’t have direct employees in every state today. So how is it we’re able to professionally service businesses from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine?

We’ve spent years developing a nationwide network of talented technicians. Now we’ve got skilled people across the country, either directly on our team or through our partner connections. When you need printer or copier service help, we know who to bring in. That gives us an edge in being able to repair printers nationwide. 

We don’t need brick and mortar offices at all these locations to serve yours. We don’t have technicians hired as direct employees in every state. That wouldn’t be practical and would make local service prohibitively expensive. We’ve developed a better staffing model.

With the right tools and training, technicians can perform quite well as mobile workers. Because of this capability, we can sell and service printers without borders, and a virtual workforce reduces expenses that would be passed along to customers. You’ve probably seen that in your own business. 

Q5 – What’s your response time for printer repair? 

There’s no one answer to this question. In most cases, you have several choices: same-day, four-hour window, next day. It depends on what service model you prefer. 

Variations on nationwide service models

Because businesses have a lot of options for nationwide printer repair, find a partner you trust and dig into this question. You want a conversation with someone who can walk you through some options. 

Q6 – What if my business is really off the grid?

For affordable service for a business that’s very remote, such a location might be better suited for a depot pair program. Sending a tech to a very remote workplace could be cost-prohibitive, and those businesses take advantage of depot arrangements. The device is shipped to a service depot using supplied labeling and packaging. The repaired device is returned the same way. This approach can also work for some WFH offices.

Q7 – How will I save money with single-source, nationwide service?

Even without a ton of analysis, it’s clear nationwide printer repair can directly and indirectly save you money:

  • Reduce staff time spent processing multiple vendor contracts
  • Reduce staff time spent managing on-site visits 
  • Eliminate time spent receiving and paying multiple service vendor invoices
  • Fast response and resolution removes document workflow roadblocks
  • Some service models offer free service in exchange for purchasing printer toner

Printer Repair for Multiple Locations? Not Your Problem Anymore 

Read Part 1 of the Guide to Nationwide Printer Repair and learn about ten benefits you gain. No matter how many office locations you have, you have better options for printer repair. To get started, just complete the short form on this page.