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How Managed Print Helps IT Efficiency

If you are responsible for IT, there are a lot of moving parts to be concerned about. There is the daily functioning of all the IT infrastructure – from email, to computers, to the CRM, to servers, the internet and phone. On top of that, there are printers and copiers to be aware of, as they can be the source of a high percentage of the service tickets coming in. 

Did you know that up to 40% of IT department’s tickets have something to do with printers, copiers or MFPs? This could be anything from the printer not working, to having a new computer and not being able to print because the driver wasn’t installed, or scan to email isn’t working because of a new router being installed.

Print issues are extremely common and over the past 10 years we have helped IT departments improve their service team utilization. They outsource the management and care of printers, including keeping the devices running for the staff. We have seen companies who had IT staff completely overwhelmed with service tickets, suddenly able to breathe a bit and even focus more energy on protecting the network and doing activities they are more passionate about.

How Managed Print Services Provide the Answer

As you have a managed print services (MPS) agreement in place, when there is a mechanical issue, this ticket goes directly to us, and we report what we did to resolve it. This is what transparency looks like in a successful managed print services plan. We know you need to get feedback on what happened and how long it took to fix the issue, because when there is no accountability, things tend to get looser.

With our team, we have the expertise to quickly fix issues, because this is all our team does all day. For your team, there are other issues to deal with, like servers, websites, training, email, etc. So, our tech team is spending all day, everyday, fixing various printers and copiers. Because of this and their longevity with our company, we are able to address and solve most issues you’ll experience much more quickly than if you tackled the task yourself. 

We then take it a step further, and report, either quarterly or annually, how many service calls each device has had, and we allow you to dig into any particular device’s service history if any of them are of concern to your company.

Managed print services are for companies that want to help free up IT departments to focus on infrastructure and security, and then we handle print and client assistance related to all the print devices.

Give us a call if you feel your IT department could use a break from printers, but believe your users deserve the best support possible for printers and MFP devices. We look forward to hearing from you.