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How We Accomplish Nationwide HP Printer Support

The most common brand of printer or copier is HP when it comes to IT-purchased equipment. The HP brand tends to be a favorite of IT departments when it comes to supporting the users they are helping. The last thing an IT person is looking for is more printer issues or problems. Because HP is the standard for many IT teams, it is naturally a safe choice when choosing printers and copiers.

We have been doing printer repair for HP and other brands for many years and have fleets of these printing devices under supplies and service contracts. In fact, we can cover other brands too. For example, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Canon, etc. But, this specific article is about how we support HP printers.

If you have HP printers onsite, and want to make sure you have the best service, we are here to help. In this article we will cover how we make sure you have toner, repair, customer service, and technician help across the United States.

One unique feature of our service plans is you are not required to be on a cost-per-print contract. We will work with you to make a logical plan which will work for your users. This could be as simple as selling you toners and then providing technicians if your printer or copier is having issues.

We Sell Maintenance Plans, Not Insurance

If you run any printer long enough, with enough print volume, there will be a need for a technician at some point. Our plans cover the copiers and printers we all expect to break at some point. Basically, what this means is the service agreements we put together reduce the cost risk. The question when it comes to printer repair is how are we going to solve the problems we expect to arise.

HP Service Across the United States

First of all, it is critical to realize HP has the most robust printer technician network in the United States. What this means is, when your HP printer or copier breaks, then we will have the best chance of finding techs who can help ensure the printer is running again compared to other brands out there.

This is generally why we would suggest standardizing HP if you are deciding between brands and have many locations all over the country. If you choose a brand which does not have a support network, all of the locations where there are not technicians are now at risk for receiving the help they require.

With most major brands, there are systems in place to ensure technician availability. For example, Xerox already has a complete network in place to ensure any client they have can be covered anywhere.

With HP, it is easier to find techs and easier to fix most of the issues, so we never seem to have any issues finding a technician.

What Do Our Support Plans Include?

We include the following in our printer and MFP support plans.

  • Toner
  • Technician support
  • Data security
  • Other supplies
  • Ticketing system access
  • Lifecycle support plan
  • Discounts on toners and labor

Ultimately, we do not force you to jump through hoops. Nor do we require super long-term contracts. Our system is simple. If your printer breaks, we fix it. If it needs supplies or toner, we send it at a reduced rate or even before you need it.

If you would like to see how we can help support your HP printers nationwide, we would love to chat and go over how we can help keep your business running smoothly!

We sell and service HP printers and MFPs with quality technicians and dispatch the best teams to ensure your printers and MFPs are always working and available! Call us to learn more!