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PaperCut Print Management: 7 Ways to Print Smarter

Many companies already invest heavily to protect their digital content, but a major leak could still spring from something as avoidable as a sheet of paper left on a scanner or printer. 

Another problem with abandoned prints? The needless paper waste. It’s not an eco-friendly business practice. It all adds up to avoidable expenses that your business pays over and over. If you’re like most companies, you spend as much as three percent of annual revenue on printing-related costs like toner and service. 

Print Management Tool to Control Waste

How much of this is avoidable? How do you justify and measure what you spend? How can you facilitate tighter print management? Because of problems like these and others covered in this article, we’re a firm believer in the power of PaperCut print management.

PaperCut anchors our Novatech print management solutions with:

  • Top-of-the-line security 
  • Integration ease
  • Powerful visibility into user patterns
  • Control of who prints, what, how much

7 Smart Ways Print Management Helps Your Business

We’ve found at least seven ways PaperCut print management software helps our customers. Even better, most see benefits in printing almost immediately.

1 – Integrates and Scales with Ease 

We depend on the PaperCut tool to optimize print fleets and make cost-cutting changes quickly. This translates into business agility for our customers. The cross-platform, vendor-neutral product is known for flexibility and easy integration with other business applications. 

2 – Secure Documents Before, During, After Printing

Data stays encrypted from the input device to the print server to the multifunction device (MFD) and printer.

The PaperCut solution checks these print security boxes:

·       Control device access

·       Implement secure print release 

·       Secure print feature to control when sensitive jobs are released

·       Incorporate secure scanning

3 – Gain Efficiency by Eliminating Printing Steps

Streamline printing steps, routing and security with intelligent print management software. 

o    Adjust device and network settings 

o    Limit certain high-cost print jobs

o    Automate reminders, alerts

4 – Sustainable Printing Practices

PaperCut has helped businesses save millions of sheets of paper to date. This equates to tens of thousands of trees saved. We support eco-sustainable printing practices to help:

  • Rein in costly, wasteful use with print cost containment and control
  • Save on paper, toner and business utilities
  • Minimize waste, while providing secure, repeatable printing experiences 

5 – User Experience Considerations

PaperCut tools make the print experience easy with a universal, user-friendly interface. No more print job interruptions and workarounds.

  • Print from any device in the office or on the move
  • Simplified interface for average users, not just IT experts

The single print driver installs easily and starts managing jobs immediately. With print management software, you can monitor and control your team’s print practices and recover costs along the way:

  • Encourage duplex printing
  • Implement usage quotas
  • Set up pay-for-print and print chargeback policies
  • Track print, scan, copy, fax costs to pinpoint bad print habits

6 – Add More Bandwidth to Every Business Day

It is possible to see your offices operate at maximum efficiency, and to let IT go do IT at the same time. It is possible for business users to do their jobs without interruptions from the office printer. No one has to worry about printer problems except your managed services partner. It’s our job to:

  • Eliminate printer complications
  • Streamline print jobs
  • Enable follow-me printing
  • Streamline print driver deployment
  • Boost personnel efficiency and productivity, even when remote
  • Empower users to scan, print and copy from anywhere

7 – Data and Analytics for Cost Recovery

As a print management and cost recovery tool, PaperCut is one of the best when it comes to analytics and data:

  • Granular details on print activity for users, groups, departments, more 
  • Analyze current print practices to reduce unnecessary spending
  • Allocate printing costs with user- and departmental-level billing
  • Simplify IT administration, governance of print devices 
  • Print management solution reduces yearly spend.

PaperCut Print Management: Our Customers Just Print Smarter.

If you’re not satisfied with what you’re getting from your print spend, we can show you how PaperCut and our other managed print services can transform your results. Let’s start with an assessment of your print environment