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Repair or Replace a Broken Printer?

When it comes to your investment in the copiers and printers in your fleet, the day inevitably arrives when a decision has to be made whether to repair them or buy new ones. No one wants to waste money maintaining something that is going to continually break from age and use, but there is often a hesitancy about investing in new equipment. 

If your company doesn’t like investing in new hardware, printer repair can be a good solution.

We understand that investing wisely in your fleet is either a costly endeavor, or it can be a way to save money in the long run. In this article we will be addressing the issues that arise when making such a decision.

If my printer is broken, is it better to get a new one or repair it?

Ultimately, the decision is dependent on several factors. One of the first things to look at is the make and model, as well as the issue. Questions to ask yourself are:

  • Is it an older printer or a multifunction printer or newer one? 
  • Are parts easily acquired and techs available? 
  • Is the model easy to do printer maintenance on?
  • How much is the repair? 
  • Is it a color laser or a black-and-white laser printer?

With some makes and models, it is more difficult to find someone skilled in their repairs. Kyocera printers are a good example of this in the United States. Do you want to wait two weeks to get that device fixed, or would you rather have a device that is covered within a contract guaranteeing service the next day? If you own a hard-to-repair device that is starting to break down and hurt output, it is probably wiser to get something with better service coverage and ease of acquiring parts. 

If it is a simple jamming issue, it can often be fixed by replacing the rollers, some as cheap as five dollars each. 

However, if it’s a $300 device that will cost $200 to fix, then you will definitely want to consider replacing it. A general rule that we use is that if fixing it costs 70% of the current value of the device, then replacing it makes the most sense economically. This tends to be the issue with a print head or an inkjet printer.

What’s the average cost of getting a printer repaired?

That depends whether you are in a contract with us or not, and the make and model. Outside of a contract, the labor rates of $125-$135/hr are pretty consistent across the board. When it is parts-related, it depends on what is needed. For example, a typical HP maintenance kit is $200-$250 dollars, depending on the device. 

If you are not under a contract, you are easily looking at a minimum of  $250-$300. Even if the part is inexpensive, the labor drives the rate up. This can mean even simpler jobs can make you want to dispense with the whole device and get a newer one, and they rely on that. There is a whole other side of the business dedicated to selling refurbished devices at a profit. 

The one instance where the repair on a laser printer or inkjet printer makes sense is if you have a ton of printer supplies you are unable to return. In these cases, where you have had the ink cartridge in bulk, then it could be possible for the repair to still be worth it.

What makes us different? 

If you are under contract with us, you just pay for the parts, not labor. Considering that the average labor rate for an HP printer is between $125-$135 per hour, you can plainly discern how much you will be saving. 

All of the above is why we offer our services. With us, the median price point under contract is ONLY $50-$100! The reason why is that our print management services are exactly that, services that are service-oriented. We understand that if you are up and running, so are we, so there is no need to nickel and dime you. Our service models incorporate having techs on site at no charge. 

Before you call to get a copier quote or laser printer service, you will want to be sure you understand the weaknesses of the network.

Of course, if fixing the broken copier doesn’t make sense because the price point is so close to the new printer, why not get a new printer? Always factor in the toner cartridge for both devices. The sooner the better for older printers.

We sell Canon printers, HP printers and Brother printers. Remember, for many businesses, even getting the right printer parts or drum unit can be a challenge. If you call us and tell us the printer issue, we can help you get maintenance on it, assuming it is appropriate.

If you would like to learn more about our managed print services, replacement options or printer maintenance, give us a call.