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Save Money on Your Printers and MFPs

There is a desire by nearly every company to save money when they are buying printers, copiers or MFPs. In many cases, this makes sense, but having financial minimalism as an ultimate can be, at times, short-sighted.

We have been helping companies save money and improve efficiency for over a decade, so we wanted to tackle this important topic as it pertains to your print and copy devices.

In this article, we will cover when you should look to save money, and when you might want to reject the savings for other factors that also matter.

When and How to Look for Savings with Printers, MFPs

Just because something is more expensive doesn’t mean it is better quality. Just because it is cheaper doesn’t mean it is a better value. When you should look for savings is when you realize you have been paying for something you don’t really use, or when you have too much or too many of something. 

Let’s say, for example, you have one printer per person in your office, and you decide, based on industry best practices, you should only have one device per five to eight people (depending on usage.) This would be a great opportunity to save money by getting rid of a lot of unnecessary devices and consolidating into a more efficient unit. 

Another example could be that your current copier has stapling, but no one knows how or has even used the stapling for the five years you have owned the device. For the next copier, you should use that as data that you either should make sure people know how to use the next copier’s staple function if it is a needed function, or it is a bad idea to pay for it if it is not needed.

The next way we can help many clients save is by putting them on a fixed cost agreement. What this does is have us focus our knowledge and skills to ensure your usage of products is at optimal efficiency. If there is streaking on pages, our team replaces what is broken. We are not looking to put all new parts into your printer. It is in both of our best interests to keep your costs down.

When to Look for Upgrades for Printers and MFPs

There is also a time to look at upgrading your equipment. This can be when you lack needed features, or you find your current devices seem to be consistently breaking. If  this is the case, it is more likely time to step up in quality than to step down in pricing.

Our team is trained to help you get the most out of your printing devices, which you are hoping for. If you would like to chat and discuss your options, we would be honored to have that discussion.