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What to Know About Print Fleet Repair

If you have a fleet of printers, repair is one of the biggest concerns a managed print provider or a repair company will face. The logistics of this become more and more difficult with many different models and many locations. 

We have helped companies with their printer fleet repairs for years and have a unique approach to your printer maintenance needs. We have a program called Managed Cartridge which can get you service for your printers when you buy toner cartridges from us.

In this article, we will touch on how we approach print fleet repair and what you can do to make it easier and more cost-effective.

Print Costs or Repair Costs?

In a typical managed print engagement, the print management company will give you a cost per print. Say, for a black and white printer, this number is 2 cents a print. Generally, what this means is, for 2 cents, you would get all the toner, drums and maintenance you need for your print fleet.

When you run on a cost-per-print system, it can work well. We found some of our clients needed something different than a traditional print management plan.  They needed print fleet repair, but didn’t want to get all the way into managed print.

Managed Cartridge

This is where we came up with the managed cartridge. We found there were some clients who had trouble connecting a print device to the network because maybe it was in a remote workstation. Other companies did not want a Data Collection Agent (DCA) on their network due to security concerns.

When we chatted with these clients, what they wanted was a simple way to get the printer repair they needed without all the extra work of a managed print agreement.

Why Bother with Print Repair?

One question we have heard, is why bother making a plan at all? The main reason for us is we have found enterprise customers are amazing at what they do, but struggle with managing their own printers. Getting their own technician crews at locations all over the country proved to be too difficult.

Imagine you owned a retail company with 350 stores around the USA. Each network was connected to the main company servers, but the users at each location were not really too computer savvy.  They could order a form simple enough, but getting them to resync printers or copiers to a network isn’t going to happen.

In a case like this, our service is perfect. There are no meters to report; you simply buy toner, and we take care of the printers. Our toner pricing is lower than the OEM toner cartridges, making it so the service works out as basically free for most customers. Granted, you will pay for the parts we need to install, but if the program is well structured, we can even make rules about when to buy the needed parts and when to replace them without involving IT in each little issue.

We drive down printing costs but not with extravagant means or methods. We get better deals on toners because we have tens of thousands of devices under contract, and therefore, we can sell them at a fair price and afford to give you the printer service you need.

Are We Always Cheaper?

Obviously, there will be situations where you already have a managed print company helping you, and maybe costs have been driven as low as they can logically go. Going lower may make your service worse. We do not suggest always changing to be cheaper. Our belief is that printers should be easy and not a huge burden to staff (IT and onsite staff.)

We can help you with a simple print fleet repair option which is different than nearly any print management company in the country. We have an amazing network of vetted technicians and years of experience cooperating with service technicians all over the United States. 

We have amazing technical support staff who can answer questions on the phone. We are great at supporting companies all over the USA, like how you are great at what you do all over the USA. When you focus on a skill long enough, the skill develops. We are here to help your fleet of copiers and printers run error-free for your team. We can support desktop printers, a multifunction printer or many copiers.

We generally only support business-class laser printers and not inkjet printers. We do support office copiers. In some instances, we can help with a plotter fleet, too.

Give us a call if you would like to chat about print fleet repair that is easy for you and your users! We would love to help.