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Managed Print Services FAQ's

Managed print services or MPS is an end-to-end solution that provides everything that an organization needs to identify and control operating costs related to its printers. Although the services offered can vary dramatically, an MPS provider typically offers an initial assessment, equipment redeployment and/or acquisition, toner and service, continuous improvement through ongoing contract assessment, and as-needed optimization.
Both our Total Laser Care and Managed Print Services programs are defined as “Managed Print Programs” as they meet the definition in question 1 with the biggest difference being in the way the way they are billed. Total Laser Care customers are billed as they purchase toner, repair parts, and replacement printers and the on-site labor, service and consulting is included. Managed Print Services program customers are billed by the page with all of the above included.
A comprehensive managed print services (MPS) program identifies and controls the operating costs associated with producing and managing document output on the printers within the organization and fixing the expense so that it is manageable. MPS also allows critical IT staff to spend time on more strategic projects while the day-to-day management and maintenance of the printers is left to the MPS provider. Most important, MPS provides clients with a high level of client engagement for continuous improvement and strategic planning based on business needs.

United Laser is an independent managed print services (MPS) provider, which means we do not affiliate with any equipment manufacturers. Accordingly, our advice is not biased by our affiliation to a particular brand or by dealer incentives. This is new in the industry. There are, however, many office equipment dealers and value added resellers that claim to be MPS providers; however, they are the same equipment dealers today that they were yesterday.

Your copier contract is a lease that covers maintenance on your copier and toner. Typically, you see your copier salesman at the time the lease is signed and then six months prior to the end of your lease when the salesman reappears to sell you new equipment. You are billed monthly for a minimum cost per copy (CPC) and for any overage. The minimum CPC typically bears no relationship to the actual number of copies that you make, except that overages are charged to your account. A managed print services (MPS) relationship is very different. A MPS contract is a service agreement to manage the day-to-day operation of your printers, which means we are proactively monitoring toner levels and equipment uptime. After the MPS engagement begins, on a quarterly basis, we provide service on the printers extending their useful life and a print consultant meets with you to discuss service levels and opportunities to improve your print environment. You are billed based on the actual number of pages printed.
In some cases an office equipment dealer or value added reseller may be using MPS as a means to sell more equipment. Because these traditional office equipment suppliers have a traditional transaction based compensation and expense structure (i.e., their sales representatives are paid a commission based on the number of machines they sell), they must continue to sell equipment to stay in business. At United Laser, we have a service delivery model that is designed specifically to provide MPS. Accordingly, although we do provide equipment so that our clients benefit from a complete MPS offering, selling equipment is secondary to providing our clients with unbiased independent advice.
We provide managed print services (MPS) exclusively. It is not ancillary to any other business. Because our MPS business is not supporting the expenses of any other business, we are able to deliver maximum savings to you. Traditional equipment providers use MPS to support the compensation and administrative expenses of preexisting equipment based businesses. Accordingly, notwithstanding the marketing and sales tactics of these traditional equipment providers, their primary incentive is to sell you more equipment.
Traditional office equipment dealers receive manufacturer incentives to sell machines. Because of these incentive and partnership reward programs, a dealer’s recommendation could be biased toward a particular model or manufacturer because of a manufacturer incentive. We have decided to remain independent from any one equipment manufacturer because we want you to trust that we are not making any recommendations based on manufacturer incentives. We make our recommendations based on your preferences and what’s in your best interest.
Yes, you are required to enter into a service agreement. Managed Print Services is an ongoing relationship as described above, not a one-time transaction. We do, however, offer a free 30 day print assessment that can assess your current print environment and show you if Managed Print Services would be a good fit for your environment.
There are no out-of-pocket costs for our consulting services during the discovery phase of our process. Once the managed print services (MPS) engagement begins, our consulting services are included as part of the MPS services agreement.
Absolutely not! By implementing process improvements tailored to your business, we more effectively manage your resources, reduce costs and eliminate waste. This is not a sales tactic and there is no financial trickery.
Yes, it is. We see this claim all time. There are no free rides in life. The only way to reduce costs is by hard work. There is no other way. With that being said, we have shown numerous customers an overall 30% or more decrease in their office printing costs with our Managed Print Service program through analysis and disciplined management.
We conduct an objective assessment to determine an organization’s actual operating cost for its existing printer fleet. We invoice monthly based on this amount. By implementing business process improvements, we more effectively manage resources, reduce costs and eliminate waste yielding lower operating costs.
United Laser was built to provide managed print services (MPS), which means our systems and overhead expenses are consistent with the service delivery requirements of an MPS engagement. MPS is our only business and not a sales tool being used by us to support a legacy business. Because we use the latest technology with lower overhead expenses than our competitors, we are able to flow greater savings directly to you.
Yes, we will quantify your savings. This is part of our ongoing print Managed Print Services reports we provide to you.
There is no catch. We use the latest technology to automate processes, achieve supply chain efficiency and deliver a higher level of service. By making business process improvements, we more effectively manage your resources, reduce costs and eliminate waste. It’s that simple.
Because there are several stakeholders across multiple functions that are impacted by the implementation of an effective MPS program, we believe a C-level or senior level manager should be the internal advocate for the program, while involving stakeholders from the IT department, finance department, and purchasing department in the decision making process.
Before you purchase equipment, we should be engaged. An objective analysis of the print environment is critical to a successful MPS program. The objective analysis is then used to help determine the type of equipment and the number of devices to be acquired, as well as, the appropriate location for each device. Because each factor listed has an impact on operating costs, the objective analysis is the cornerstone of the MPS engagement. It should be completed prior to making purchase decisions.
The copier as a centralized business tool was designed for a different business environment. Before the Internet and email when information was reproduced then distributed, the centralized copier was well-suited for the environment. Now that information is distributed when and where it’s needed, a decentralized model using smaller multifunction printers (MFP) is better suited for reduced costs and greater productivity.
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