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United Laser is one of the fastest growing Managed Print Services specialists in the industry. We have gained the trust of some of the largest Hospitals, Banks, Universities and Corporations in the United States. We have built this loyal customer base by providing REAL SOLUTIONS to help them achieve their goal of efficient and affordable office printing.

Just because your office only has a few printers, doesn’t mean that you don’t see how much those ink and toner cartridges are costing you. In fact, studies have shown that ink and toner can equate to over 60% of a typical office supply budget. You need some relief, but you don’t want to risk buying poor quality cartridges. We get it.

If you are a mid-size business, and you are looking to cut the costs of your office printing, you have come to the right place. United Laser offers a variety of services to meet the unique and varied needs of mid-size businesses.

United Laser provides Managed Print Services to a variety of enterprise customers. Whether your company has over 100 devices in one location, or one device in each of 1000 different locations, United Laser can tailor an effective Managed Print Services program for your business. United Laser has not only the resources, but also the relationships to effectively provide Managed Print Services to any size company.

Every day, our clients in the Healthcare Industry look to us to provide constant service and support to maintain their printer environment. No other form of industry demands more, in the form of responsive proactive service, than the Healthcare Business. This is why the Healthcare Environment is one of our specialty markets.

Year after year, United Laser serves several hundred financial Institutions and their branches that benefit from offerings. From special MICR cartridges to custom ribbon request, we provide the complete package for all of your daily operating requirements. We know that your printer environment is in a constant state of flux and that “down time” doesn’t fit into your agenda!

Educational institutions are expected to do more with less. One savings opportunity that is often overlooked is the imaging and printing environment. With a sound managed print services solution in place, education institutions can cost effectively reach their goals in educating students and faculty alike.

The legal and accounting professions are paper-centric, print-rich professions. Compared to an overall industry average of 6.1%, legal and accounting organizations spend an average of 13.7% of their annual revenues on internal and external document production. Whether you’re a firm of four or an enterprise of hundreds of associates across the United States, we provide Managed Print Services to both small and large practices.

Whether it’s large-scale production of petro-chemicals, automotive assembly, or mass distribution, United Laser caters to every form of printer environment imaginable. United Laser has long provided nationwide printer repair services and Managed Print Service to the manufacturing and distribution industry. We service manufacturing and distribution companies having the most simple printer network environment structures—to companies having over 4,000 network printers, spanning an entire continent.