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Educational institutions are expected to do more with less. One savings opportunity that is often overlooked is the imaging and printing environment. With a sound managed print services solution in place, education institutions can cost effectively reach their goals in educating students and faculty alike.

How much do you spend on printing?
Our Managed Print Services will help you find out.

United Laser can help to dramatically reduce printing and imaging costs–while providing higher quality services to students, faculty, and administrators.

United Laser has the expertise and experience to:

Devise a customized, managed solution that makes the most of people, processes, and technology. Quantify current expenditures, streamline processes, and save money. With the transition to Wi-Fi campuses, many colleges and universities are re-examining their printing and imaging and document workflow strategies. Moving from a wide variety of purchased and leased printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners to a campus-wide managed solution can dramatically cut costs by reducing the number of devices and contracts and cutting energy and paper use. Equally important, a Managed Print Services solution makes printing easier and more reliable for students and staff, enabling them to print, scan, and copy documents where and when they need to, with better quality and convenience.

United Laser can help you:

Determine the right balance and placement of printing and imaging devices

Dramatically cut printer maintenance, help desk, network management and IT support

Protect against unauthorized use and automate cost recovery through PIN or card swipe

Increase utilization of existing assests

Track usage by department and/or individual

Consolidate vendor management

Increase recycling and reduce energy use

Control student print quota, or charge for printing with Papercut

Track and budget staff printing by faculty or department with Papercut

Institutions of higher learning spend an average of 9.94% – or nearly 10% – of their annual budget on document production

United Laser's Managed Print Services (MPS) can help uncover and take advantage of opportunities that will save time and money, improve cost recovery, and enhance student, faculty, and administrator productivity. United Laser uses a proven end-to-end methodology to help you: