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Complete Healthcare Printer Solutions

Every day, our clients in the Healthcare Industry look to us to provide constant service and support to maintain their printer environment. No other form of industry demands more, in the form of responsive proactive service, than the Healthcare Business. This is why the Healthcare Environment is one of our specialty markets.

Provide Change Without Chaos

United Laser’s version of the medical credo “Do no harm” is “Do not turn the customer’s world upside down.” Although Managed Print Services involves change, United Laser will work with you to ensure there is no disruption to normal operations. In addition, clients have the option of proceeding as rapidly or gradually as is necessary, comfortable or even as budgets allow. Managed Print Services can be applied to an individual department, an entire hospital, or multiple facilities.

Maintain your current fleet​

Managing printers and multifunction devices can be a major distraction. United Laser can proactively manage a fleet of printers using remote monitoring technologies, and provide supplies, preventive maintenance, and on-site service and help desk support. Simply deploying best practices in printer fleet management can result in savings of up to 30%. United Laser fleet management is usage- based. Clients pay only for what is printed, at one low cost per page.

Optimize your infrastructure

Hospital document production infrastructures have evolved over the years. With copiers, fax machines and printers dispersed across multiple departments, the result is redundancy and duplicated costs. United Laser helps streamline a printing and imaging infrastructure by understanding what equipment and software is on site and how it is used and then redeploying resources where necessary to optimize productivity and reduce costs. Optimizing an infrastructure typically involves repositioning resources to high demand locations and upgrading to newer models or consolidating devices where appropriate.

Improve your workflow

Medical facilities generate an enormous quantity of information. United Laser can help clients manage, route, store and control information efficiently, securely, and at the lowest possible cost. Scanning features on new multifunction systems provide a powerful platform to move information on and off your network. United Laser integrates multifunction systems and printers with powerful solutions to help you manage, route, store and control your documents.

The Need for Managed Print Services in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is under enormous pressure to cut costs, deliver better outcomes, and protect patient privacy while transitioning to Electronic Medical Records in response to government incentives and mandates. But the cost of generating, sharing, and managing documents goes far beyond the price of hardware, maintenance and consumables.