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Legal & Accounting

The legal and accounting professions are paper-centric, print-rich professions. Compared to an overall industry average of 6.1%, legal and accounting organizations spend an average of 13.7% of their annual revenues on internal and external document production. Whether you’re a firm of four or an enterprise of hundreds of associates across the United States, we provide Managed Print Services to both small and large practices.

MPS is designed for you!

Our Managed Print Service programs are geared to help paper intensive industries such as yours. Here are a few ways our MPS program can help.

Support your current fleet

Lack of printer supplies can cause havoc. Irregular maintenance can cause equipment breakdowns and shorten life spans. Managing devices distracts staff and consumes billable hours. United Laser’s Managed Print Services handle every aspect of preventive care, supplies, on site repair, and printer help desk support—all for one low, cost per page. Secure technologies track all copying and printing completed through your firm, with details by department, location, and machine. Remote monitoring enables us to proactively maintain and supply all of your owned and leased printers and other devices nationwide.

Optimize your infrastructure

With different departments responsible for different types of copiers, printers and fax machines, the result is often redundant devices and duplicated costs. United Laser will assess all of your devices and usage patterns then develop and roll out a balanced, optimized deployment. We help you make the most of what you already have, re-positioning existing equipment to high-demand locations and adding newer printers or multifunction systems where appropriate.

Secure your network

Studies show that 70% of information theft occurs from internal employees. But most law firms have not considered either the internal or external risks of an unsecured printing network. Unauthorized access to a multifunction printer or network can permit the printing of confidential information, the scanning of documents to or from email without authentication, or even interception and modification of a print stream on the way to a check printer. United Laser helps you secure your print infrastructure with the latest encryption technologies.

Improve your workflow

Legal and Accounting practices generates an enormous quantity of information. United Laser integrates the latest output technologies with powerful software to move digital and paper information on and off your network and help manage, route, store and control documents. United Laser will work with you to improve efficiency and productivity, without disrupting normal operations. We can devise our managed print services to individual departments, branch offices, or your entire practice, as time and budget allows.