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Reduce Staff Stress: Nationwide Printer Repair for Hospitality

Even in a “people” business like hospitality, the daily workflow depends on documents of all kinds for guest experience, supplier relations, employee performance, branding and more.

Daily worksheets for maintenance and cleaning, printed receipts, hotel stay records, vicinity maps, temporary signage — a broken printer can turn any of these into a poor experience for employees and guests.

That’s not acceptable in an industry where guests crave experience like no other. Already held back by labor shortages, the last thing you need is for office printers to let you down.

Solution: Nationwide Printer Repair for Your Hotel

Hotels, restaurants, and others in hospitality have already been beset by labor shortages, and existing employees get frustrated when technology doesn’t go their way.

With rampant turnover, it pays to minimize workplace frustration and retain good employees. Equipment must be easy to learn and use, and practically invisible to maintain.

Printers Are Everywhere in the Typical Hotel

The hospitality industry has taken some hits, but we see many facilities gearing up for a rebound. Minor things like business printers might not seem important until one of them stops working. Then other things start to fall apart, too. Operations, front desk, back office, housekeeping — printers are everywhere in the typical hotel. They can be boons to your daily workflow or the bane of your employees’ existence. Can you hire the right employees to maintain your print fleet, then repeat that for every location? It’s next to impossible. What our hotel clients have found is that purchasing quality toner from one vendor nationwide — us — along with nationwide printer service solves a number of problems. Many of our hospitality clients have been surprised that this simple switch to Total Laser Care can make such a difference in:
  • Productivity
  • Cost control
  • Business growth
  • Guest experience

Benefits of Nationwide Printer Service for Hospitality Businesses

  • Toner purchase flexibility – Order and pay only for toner and parts you need. No monthly commitments.
  • Control printer costs across all locations to offset challenges in other areas.
  • Ensure documents are available to provide quality guest experience.
  • Minimize employee frustration with more reliable office technology.
  • Maintain productive business workflow without printer roadblocks.