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Multi-Location Businesses​

Nationwide Printer Service For Multi Office Locations

Is your IT department spread too thin to cover printer repairs across all your business locations? It’s not an easy job, but broken printers quickly turn into workflow delays and problems. Hiring internal IT staff to manage toner and service for your printers and copiers is never a permanent solution.

No Catch. Buy Printer Toner. Get Nationwide Service.

And about that toner. Who’s buying the consumables for each location? Having any supply chain issues? Is everyone getting the same pricing and toner quality? Poor toner can be harmful to devices and increase your potential need for emergency service.

Solution: Buy Our Quality Toner. Get Our Quality Nationwide Service.

We can help. Total Laser Care is probably the simplest way to maintain office laser printers nationwide, regionally or for just a few locations. With the purchase of printer toner from us, you receive no-cost break/fix printer repair for all your locations. In addition to better quality printer supplies and nationwide service, most customers find that we save them money on their toner as well.

Benefits of Nationwide Printer Repair for the Multi-location Business

  • No confusing maintenance agreements or IT department overburdened with printer repair calls.
  • No need to coordinate multiple vendors and technicians for each location.
  • Only one contract and provider number, not a dozen separate copier contracts around the country.
  • Deep bench of technicians across our US network ensures good service where you need it.
  • Lower printer toner and supplies costs