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Infinite User Manager

Infinite User Management is Print Audit’s next generation print user management solution, providing intelligent print management tools that reduce the cost of document output, increase document security, and provide flexible cost recovery methods.

Infinite User Manager Technical Advantages

Tracks 100% of printing out of the box

No print server required

Easy, enterprise wide installation to any number of machines

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X

The most powerful print management solution in the world.​

0 million
jobs redirected to more efficient devices in 2008
$ 0 million
in end-user recovered printing cost since 1999​

2 million workstation assessments preformed

installations world-wide
trees saved each year

What Can It Do?

  • Provide an overview of what types of printers are being used the most.
  • Drill into a specific type of devices, such as local printers, and see which have the highest volumes
  • Go even deeper and reveal which documents the user is printing to this device, if jobs are being duplexed, and much more!
  • Look further into a particular device and discover key information about it, such as who's printing to it the most and the size of each print job
  • Redirect print volumes to lower cost device
  • Force printing on both sides of the page
  • Limited end-user access
  • Spot equipment abuses with powerful volume analysis reporting tools that detail who is printing the most & to what devices, what is being printed & more
  • Save money by revealing printing inefficiencies such as excessive printing to high cost personal printers
  • Reduce costs by holding users or employees accountable for every document they print.
  • Automatically builds inventory lists of every user, printing device & computer.
  • Control color costs by limiting color usage by the user, computer, printer, number of pages, application & much more.
  • Create cost and eco - conscious users by informing users of job costs and environmental impact before they print.
  • Ensure your most efficient printers are being used by redirecting jobs from high - cost to low - cost devices.
  • Maintain document security & regulatory compliance by implementing rules that can prevent confidential documents from being printed or inform you when they are printed.
  • Thousands More!
How to save money on business printing

"Our waste has decreased to less than approximately 8% and paper usage in total is now under control. I estimate Print Audit has reduced our cost of operation to one quarter of what it use to be, all this has easily been worth the price of admission."

George Herrea, University of Texas