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Managed Print Services

Our Process

"It's not what you know, it's what you do with what you know."

United Laser has a proven method to our Managed Print Services program to both help you decide whether Managed Print Service is the right strategy for your business, and if so, a proven process to help you with implementation.

Step 1 – Assess the environment

United Laser can help you determine whether MPS is the right strategy for your business by offering a free MPS assessment of your print fleet for 30 days.
Once the assessment is complete, you can then make a determination if a Managed Print Services strategy is the right fit for your organization

Step 2 – Design your own customized Managed Print Service program

Managed Print Services is a collaborative effort between the customer and the chosen MPS partner. Because there are several stakeholders across multiple functions that are impacted by the implementation of an effective MPS program, we believe a C-level or senior level manager should be the internal advocate for the program, while involving stakeholders from the IT department, finance department, and purchasing department in the decision making process. Based on the information collected during the assessment, we will sit down with you to review our findings. We will then provide recommendations and work with you to design the optimal printing and imaging strategy.

For example, we may determine that you do not need to purchase any new devices but need a more efficient way of managing your current fleet. In other cases, we may find that new equipment will provide greater savings by reducing downtime, energy usage, and toner consumption.

Step 3 – Implement your custom strategy

After a design has been finalized, United Laser will help your team implement the solution. The MPS program will be implemented based on the needs of your organization. United Laser will assign a project manager to your account to coordinate the implementation based upon mutually agreed timelines and milestones and will work with your end users so they embrace any changes. Our approach includes a prioritized implementation schedule featuring both short and long term elements of the solution. We look for areas that can create a fast return on investment. These might include:

  • Systems with a high cost of operation located in high usage areas
  • Unsecured or unmanaged printer supply cabinets
  • High numbers of device types
  • Departments and users with printing issues

Step 4 – Continually Improve

Needs evolve. Many companies choose to set up a quarterly or semi-annual meeting with their MPS consultant to review progress and roll out additional phases of the MPS. Reports from the print monitoring software can be used to identify usage trends, spotlight problem devices, and measure program effectiveness.