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Average life of laser printer

What Is the Average Life of a Laser Printer?

If you have a fleet of printers, it can be hard to determine whether a printers is nearing the end of its useful life, or if you have years of printing left. We still see some clients running HP LaserJet 4250 printers from 2005, and then there are printers that

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recycle old printers

How to Recycle Your Old Printers

Do you have an old printer or a closet of old printers that need to be removed? Some customers we have seen have hundreds of printers that need to be recycled, and it can become pretty daunting. We have helped companies manage their printers for years. Part of print management

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AI for managed print services

Can AI Improve Managed Print Services?

More and more companies are hopeful big data will make all aspects of their technology and business perform at higher levels. The question we would like to address is, can AI help your managed print services program? We have been doing managed print and nationwide printer repair for years. The

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HP printer repair

Is It Worth Fixing an HP Printer?

If you have an HP printer that is broken, the natural question that should arise is, “Is this HP printer worth fixing?”  There is not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but there are some general guiding principles to consider. We will cover when to fix a printer, when to

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HP Printer Repair

HP Printer Repair

Do you have a fleet of HP laser printers? We have nationwide printer repair services , meaning we can handle printer repair services no matter where you are in the USA. Our HP printer repair group is a nationwide group of technicians, qualified to repair HP printers. In this article, we will go over how we maintain your HP printer fleet and what to expect as you

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What if HP printer won't work

What to Do if HP Printer Is Not Working?

Do you have an HP Laser printer that is having issues right now? Maybe you are not even sure where to start to get your printer working again. We have been helping companies with the HP Laserjet printer fleets for years. We don’t work with HP Officejet printers as much, because most of the inkjet printers are cheaper and

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Universal Print Drivers 

If you have a fleet of printers, you may have seen HP, Xerox and most manufacturers offer some sort of Universal Print Driver. Have you wondered why? Or when to use it? We have been helping companies manage and maintain their printer fleets, and this is a question we hear

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MPS Failure Point

MPS Failure Point – Tunnel Vision

Myopia. Tunnel vision. Microscopic versus macroscopic. The fact is, we like specialization and the simplicity of focusing on one thing. This is also true when we think of Managed Print Services.  The question has to be asked, “Am I too focused on a part and not seeing the whole?” Maybe

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remanufactured toner

Remanufactured Toner – A Way to Save Money?

If you have a fleet of laser printers, buying remanufactured toner can seem like an easy and natural way to save money. If you are looking to reduce your print costs by lowering your toner cartridge cost, there are some things to consider. Trying to lower the ink cartridge cost

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