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when replace or repair printer

Repair or Replace a Broken Printer?

When it comes to your investment in the copiers and printers in your fleet, the day inevitably arrives when a decision has to be made whether to repair them or buy new ones. No one wants to waste money maintaining something that is going to continually break from age and

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Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Printer

What to Know About Print Fleet Repair

If you have a fleet of printers, repair is one of the biggest concerns a managed print provider or a repair company will face. The logistics of this become more and more difficult with many different models and many locations.  We have helped companies with their printer fleet repairs for

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good fit for MPS

Who Is the Ideal Fit for Managed Print? Who Isn’t?

An ideal client for our Managed Print model would be one where service, repair and logistics are the most important components of supporting their fleet. As an example, customers who have multiple locations all throughout the United States and who might have a couple of devices per location. You can

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customer service process

What Is the Printer Service Process Like for the Customer?

What is the printer repair experience like for our United Laser customers? That depends on the printer repair program you are under. There are several different programs that our clients can choose from, each with different benefits. The main goal is to first see what fits your fleet, business model

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laser printers

Are Laser Printers Worth It?

If you have never owned a laser printer and are hesitant to change over, hopefully we can alleviate your fears. We have extensive experience with laser printers, both for our personal use and for managed services for our customers.  In this article we will cover the advantages of laser printers

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enterprise printer support

What Customers Can Expect With Enterprise Printer Support

Do you have a printer fleet or many Multi Function Printers (MFPs) or Multi Function Devices (MFDs)? Maybe your company has met with various copier companies or manufacturers about how to best support these devices. These are generally conversations centered around managed print or around standard break-fix support. We have

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HP printer support nationwide

How We Accomplish Nationwide HP Printer Support

The most common brand of printer or copier is HP when it comes to IT-purchased equipment. The HP brand tends to be a favorite of IT departments when it comes to supporting the users they are helping. The last thing an IT person is looking for is more printer issues

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What Are Managed Print Services?

For practically every business, documentation is the lifeblood of a company. Whether it’s invoices, order forms, agreements, memos, employee records, tax returns, or any other number of business-related paperwork, there are countless items that need to be printed on a given day. As a company grows, its printing demands increase

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