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Depot Repair Services

United Laser’s Depot Service Solution delivers equipment to your site reliably, quickly, and at a cost that is generally less than an on-site service option.

  • Service call is placed with United Laser when equipment fails in the field
  • Replacement is sent out overnight and ready to plug and play
  • Defective equipment is returned to United Laser in provided packaging
  • Defective equipment is repaired & placed in the warehouse for next shipment


  • Guaranteed next-day nationwide service
  • Tested and verified replacement equipment in stock by certified technicians
  • Customized asset tracking and inventory management
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Customized specifications avaiable


  • Reduce downtime compared to traditional on-site service for remote locations
  • True Next Day Repairs without waiting on additional parts or potential technician delays
  • United Laser can securely warehouse your equipment and coordinate logistics