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Print Security

Your computers and servers are protected. Why aren't your printers?

Hackers and virus creators are consistently coming up with new ways to gain access to business networks. As a result, many companies have implemented significant network security measures to protect themselves from digital attacks. Unfortunately, these cyber security measures often do not extend to printer networks, since these are seen to be less significant by many network administrators. However, the vulnerability of these networks is exactly what malignant digital actors are looking for in their attempts to enter and attack your business’s digital systems.

Print networks are often left exposed

In a survey of over 300 IT professionals, 23% were found to be leaving data on their printing networks vulnerable to being read if intercepted. Additionally, 91% of visual hacking attempts were found to be successful in global trials run by the Ponemon Institute.

Once your printing network has been breached, viruses and hackers can often gain access to the rest of your business network and can also intercept the print data via jobs being sent to your printer.

This means a hacker or virus sees printing networks as a practical route to gaining access to your business network and accessing your company’s private information and sensitive documents. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you invest in proper printing security so as to keep your printing network secure from bad actors and security breaches.

Security Solutions

Avoid security risks and start protecting your printer properties today. We make it easy – United Laser offers security features and solutions that work with print devices to provide unmatched, automated print security. Reduce the time and effort it takes to protect your data, network, and printer fleet. Rest with peace of mind that not only your fleet but also the sensitive data of your business is safe from cyber criminals.

We offer a variety of build-in and add-on security options including:

Secure Output

Device Protections

Document Monitoring

Network Protection

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The percent of large enterprises that admitted suffering at least one data breach through insecure printing

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