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HP Printer Repair

Do you have a fleet of HP laser printers? We have nationwide printer repair services , meaning we can handle printer repair services no matter where you are in the USA.

Our HP printer repair group is a nationwide group of technicians, qualified to repair HP printers. In this article, we will go over how we maintain your HP printer fleet and what to expect as you work with United Laser.

Multiple City Support for HP Printer Repair

One of the true distinguishing characteristics of United Laser is our ability to have the best HP printer technicians anywhere in the USA. This is possible because we have been keeping a database of techs who do great work, and we score them based on their qualifications and customer service. This creates our HP printer repair database, which we use when we are dispatching a technician for a printer repair.

We even keep track of what kind of devices they are trained on. Maybe one technician has a specialty in color printer repair, and another does amazing work with multifunction printers or scanning applications. We need to understand the capability and limitations of our technicians, so this becomes a critical piece of giving clients the best support anywhere in the USA.

Placing a Service Call for HP Printer Repair

When you have your Hewlett Packard fleet under a service program with us, we make placing a service call easy. We provide stickers for all your equipment, so your staff doesn’t have to go searching for phone numbers or email addresses of where to get service.

We find most of our clients email us and let us know the service is needed, but some choose to call. No matter how you prefer to communicate, we can help you get the printer repair you need for all of your locations.

Troubleshooting the Printer Problem

Not every issue requires a technician. Sometimes the printer problem is something that can be handled simply by talking to our knowledgeable staff. Getting maintenance can be as simple as someone at our help desk walking your staff through what they need to do in order to print.

We keep our team well-trained on HP printers, and what the common issues and errors are. Everyone prefers to avoid the need for a service call or a technician to be dispatched. In a perfect world, problems get solved in minutes, not days.

Laser Printers, Copiers, HP DesignJet, We Cover It All

If you have a copier fleet or a laser printer or MFP fleet, we can help you get the service and support you need. We make it easy to put in a service call, to get toner, to get other supplies, and to keep your office printing.

Our specialty is taking care of HP printer fleets, though we do help people with other brands, too.

If you would like to get an HP laser printer maintenance program, we would love to help you set it up. Our normal method is you pay for the toner, consumables and parts, and we take care of the labor.  

Like health insurance, there are different pricing points, depending on if you want to pay for the labor, or if you prefer having a small charge that needs to be approved (to ensure you are not repairing an HP printer that should be replaced.)

We can help you have a plan to keep your printer fleet running and optimized for your company across the USA.