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Leveraging MPS for a More Effective IT Strategy with United Laser

Managed Print Services (MPS) and printer repair plans have become pivotal elements in optimizing IT strategies within organizations. By integrating MPS or a printer repair plan, IT departments can focus on core business growth rather than being bogged down by printer-related issues. This is particularly relevant for companies like United Laser, which offers printer maintenance plans where customers simply purchase toner, and the maintenance of the printer is managed as part of the agreement.

Why Outsource Print Support?

The Burden on IT Departments: IT professionals often prefer to focus on tasks other than print-related issues. Approximately 23% of all IT help desk tickets are print-related, and the average office worker spends about 22 minutes daily dealing with IT-related issues, with printers playing a significant role. This equates to roughly 91 hours annually per full-time employee spent on printer-related issues. Managed Print Services can greatly alleviate this burden, allowing IT staff to focus on more strategic and value-adding activities.

Optimized IT Resourcing with MPS: By partnering with a managed print services provider like United Laser, organizations can reduce IT help desk tickets and reallocate resources more effectively. MPS can lead to improved customer satisfaction and allow IT teams to focus on important projects and problems. Gartner Group estimates that most companies can reduce their printing expenditures by up to 30% through an MPS program.

Increased Security and Network Integrity: Printers can create security vulnerabilities when not operated properly. MPS handles device setup and installation and administers necessary security features, including data encryption and user authentication. This not only reduces the IT workload but also effectively ensures infrastructure integrity and mitigates security risks.

Decreased Downtime and Enhanced Productivity: Managed Print Services aim to extend the life of print devices and prevent breakdowns before they impact operations. This reduces downtime across the company, improving overall productivity and the bottom line.

Improve Your IT Structure by Outsourcing Print Support

The implementation of Managed Print Services by United Laser can significantly contribute to a more effective IT strategy. By offloading the burden of printer maintenance and addressing security concerns, IT departments can redirect their focus to core business initiatives, ultimately driving growth and efficiency. 

MPS not only offers cost savings but also ensures a more secure and efficient print environment, making it an essential component of modern IT strategies. Get a hold of us to learn more about the benefits we offer to keep your devices printing and your team at maximum efficiency.