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Security Features to Look for in a Printer Repair Company

In light of the evolving cybersecurity landscape, it’s essential to take printer security seriously. As a company that specializes in nationwide laser printer repair, United Laser ensures your printers are not the weak link in your IT security strategy. Our team helps clients who have 10+ printers and multiple locations around the country in many cases. 

Here’s what to look for in a printer repair company focused on security.

Verify the Secure Boot Process

A secure boot process ensures that the printer starts up securely by verifying the BIOS. Make sure your printer repair company understands and checks for this feature.

Insist on Firmware Integrity

Ensure that the repair company can guarantee the firmware code’s integrity on your devices. This step is vital for ensuring that only approved code executes on the printer, reducing the vulnerability to attacks.

Demand Run-time Intrusion Detection

Run-time intrusion detection is a must-have feature that continually monitors the printer for in-memory malware injections. Choose a printer repair company like United Laser, which understands this aspect of printer security.

Network Anomaly Monitoring

Pick a repair company that either provides or advises on network behavior anomaly detection capabilities in your printers. This feature is key to identifying irregular network activities, leading to preemptive actions against potential attacks.

Continuous Policy Assurance

It’s not enough to set security policies; you must continually ensure they are enforced. Look for a printer repair company that offers or recommends solutions for continuous assurance of your security policy settings.

Real-time Threat Analysis

Real-time threat detection and analytics is often the final line of defense. Ensure your printer repair company can integrate printers with your existing SIEM systems for a cohesive security strategy.

Why is Printer Security Important for My Business?

Q: I already have robust cybersecurity measures in place. Why should I be concerned about printer security?

A: While it’s commendable that you have taken steps to secure your network and data, printers often remain the overlooked component in many organizations’ cybersecurity strategies. Printers today are sophisticated devices interconnected with your network, capable of storing and processing data. 

This makes them vulnerable to the same security risks as your computers and servers. Given United Laser’s focus on organizations with multiple locations and larger printer fleets, ignoring printer security could lead to unauthorized data access or even a network-wide cyberattack.

Why United Laser is Your Ideal Partner

As a nationwide laser printer repair company, United Laser stands out for its focus on security. We not only repair your printers but also ensure they meet the best security standards, contributing to a holistic cybersecurity strategy for your organization. With expertise in supporting primary brands like HP, Canon, Brother, and Lexmark, United Laser is committed to securing your printing environment.

Opt for United Laser for a comprehensive, security-first approach to printer repair. We offer more than just repair services; we offer peace of mind.