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The Future of Office Printing: United Laser Leads the Way

The office landscape looks quite different these days. During 2020, almost every office changed from a bustling hub of activity to a quiet outpost reserved for rotating staff or occasional visits. In-office activity levels are starting to resume, and as more people become vaccinated and case numbers recede, offices will begin to regain the appearance of their former selves. However, a switch has been flipped, and more than likely, the traditional office will continue to evolve. Hybrid work-from-home-and-office models are here to stay. Companies are discovering they can operate without large (and expensive) offices, and employees are seeing the upsides to working from home a few days a week.

What does this mean for the future of office printing? What should those looking for managed print services in 2021 and beyond be thinking about? Organizations in a post-COVID world will need print vendors that can be nimble and adapt to the workforce changes that have been rapidly forced upon us. This includes three key factors: flexibility, security, and functionality.

Print Services Flexibility

The working environment of many organizations is still in flux. Work-from-home policies continue to change and evolve along with the pandemic. Workers still need to do their jobs, and these jobs require the proper office equipment, including printers, scanners, and copiers. That’s why it’s key that vendors offer print services that can provide equipment and service to workers in a “non-standard” environment. United Laser offers customers the ability to order print equipment and supplies online, place and monitor service calls, and track shipping. Equipment can easily be ordered and shipped to various locations across a distributed workforce. If individual workers need printer repair or part replacement, they can arrange a UPS pickup and have a new printer or part shipped out, providing for minimal downtime.

Office Printing Security

Those considering a managed print services vendor should also consider security. Smart printers are essentially computers, and every computer is a potential gateway for hackers to gain entry into your network. Having secure print solutions and a security-knowledgeable vendor is key. United Laser, a division of Novatech, taps into the extensive experience and security resources that Novatech offers, including daily threat management, data protection, and ongoing compliance. 

United Laser offers HP JetAdvantage Security Manager which helps you create and maintain a fleet-wide security policy, ensure compliance, and protect your workflow. This attention to printer security guards your company’s information and keeps your organization running smoothly.

Print Services Functionality

You need a brand that can supply a full range of products, from desktop laser printers to large multifunction copy and print machines that provide scanning and faxing capabilities as well as printing in both black and white and color. By partnering with Novatech, United Laser offers Canon copiers, the industry’s gold standard for quality office printing.

You also need a supplier that offers you options for how you maintain and supply your office laser printers. With United Laser, you can opt for our full Managed Print Services (MPS) program or our unique, on-demand toner supply model called Total Laser Care. Total Laser care offers our customers a no-cost, no-fee service program that includes a pay-by-the cartridge toner replacement system. If your office laser printer needs repaired, you can get those repairs handled quickly and free of charge with just the cost of the supplies, such as toner and maintenance kits, that you are already purchasing regularly.

If you opt for the MPS route, you can take advantage of our Auto Toner Replenishment service. Auto Toner Replenishment takes the guesswork out of refueling your machines with toner. Our software provides real-time reporting on your device consumable levels, alerting our fulfillment center to ship out toner one week before you need it. This way, you don’t have to worry when you see a “low toner” alert. You’ll know your toner replacement is ready and waiting.

And, with United Laser, it’s not an “either/or” situation. We work with clients who need a mix of MPS for main offices and Total Laser Care for field offices or “work-from-home” setups.
Today’s print services vendor needs to lead the way by providing flexibility, security, and functionality to companies navigating the continually changing roadmap of 2021 and beyond. Forward-thinking organizations need a managed print services vendor who listens to their needs and designs systems to support their workforce across a variety of settings. United Laser is listening, and that’s why we partner with the best brands in the business, including Canon, HP, and more. We’re prepared to handle all your office printing and copying needs, ensuring you have seamless operations across all locations.