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The Overlooked Aspect of IT Security: Why Printer Security Matters

In a complex IT landscape, organizations allocate vast resources to secure their network infrastructure, data, and endpoint devices. However, there’s a frequently neglected component that poses a significant security risk: your printing and imaging devices. 

For a company with multiple locations and more than ten laser printers, like many of United Laser’s clients, this oversight can be detrimental. Below we address the critical areas of printer security you need to consider when selecting a national printer repair company.

Why is Printer Security Critical?

As printers evolve into smart, interconnected devices, they become susceptible to cyber-attacks. These printers are no longer standalone machines but part of an integrated network, making them potential targets for hackers aiming to compromise your entire IT infrastructure. In a worst-case scenario, a single vulnerable printer can serve as an entry point to access confidential data or disrupt critical business operations.

Six Essential Components of Printer Security

  • Secure Boot Process: During startup, the printer should validate the integrity of its BIOS. In case of a compromise, the BIOS should “self-heal” by restoring itself to a secure version.
  • Firmware Code Integrity: The printer must validate the firmware code at load time. Any anomalies should be flagged, and only known good firmware should be allowed to be executed.
  • Run-time Intrusion Detection: The device must continuously monitor in-memory activities to detect malware injection attacks. If detected, the device should notify administrators and take corrective action.
  • Network Behavior Anomaly Detection: The printer must monitor network behavior for irregularities. Any unusual activities should result in halting normal operations and rebooting the system to a secure state.
  • Continuous Assurance of Security Policy Settings: Printers that are not in compliance with security policies must be brought back into compliance. The process should be automated across a fleet of printers.
  • Real-time Threat Detection and Analytics: Integration with a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) tool is vital for retrieving critical security events from printers. This tool should enable customized reporting and real-time threat detection.

Why Choose United Laser?

United Laser specializes in nationwide laser printer repair services, with a strong focus on security. Our expertise lies in supporting brands like HP, Canon, Brother, and Lexmark, which often feature robust built-in security options. Our ideal customers, companies with multiple locations and a fleet of more than ten laser printers, particularly benefit from our specialized security-focused services.

When you entrust United Laser with your printer repair needs, you’re not just receiving a repair service; you’re gaining a partner in maintaining the integrity of your entire IT network.