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What Is the Printer Service Process Like for the Customer?

What is the printer repair experience like for our United Laser customers? That depends on the printer repair program you are under. There are several different programs that our clients can choose from, each with different benefits. The main goal is to first see what fits your fleet, business model and budget. 

Each of our programs offers onsite service. This means we are not going to ask you to box printers and ship them half way around the country if they have problems. Because a printer has paper jams, this isn’t generally a good reason to take up staff time and energy boxing up an old laser printer.

The Total Laser Care or Managed Cartridge program is an all-encompassing program for reducing costs, managing fleets, and providing any service repairs. The Managed Cartridge program is our most popular choice, and allows us to get toner to you on a usage cycle. 

What is my responsibility as a client?

You, as the customer, agree to buy all toner, parts, repair kits, maintenance kits, and replacement devices from us. In exchange, we waive all labor charges. If a device needs to be fixed, we send a technician the next business day, onsite, anywhere in the country. Your only cost is parts.

We provide  a web portal to you, where you  can place and track all service calls and general orders. If you choose not to go into the toner replenish program, you can place orders there as needed.

What else can I do through the portal?

Once you are signed into the portal as a client, you can set up as many authorized users for your location as you like. This will allow delegated authority to place orders and make service calls, so you can keep your focus elsewhere.

You can also see the status of any service requests.

What other ways can I make a service request?

There are three ways to make a service request. You can use the portal, our 800 number, or reach us through our email, all of which will be provided to you.

What happens once you get a service request?

The first thing that happens is we log the call in and notify you that it has been received and is being scheduled. Dispatchers will immediately schedule and send a service order to one of our technicians. The technicians will be onsite the next business day, and we will notify you of the time window in which they will arrive. It is typically a two- to four-hour window.

The technician will come onsite with the primary purpose of diagnosing the issue. If the device is found to need parts, the technician will seek you out for permission to either order or install those parts. Before any work proceeds, the technician will give you a quote for the cost of the part(s) and ask you if you want them to proceed.

What will a printer service plan cover?

  • A paper tray
  • Main boards
  • Power supplies
  • Printer jams

For larger enterprise customers, we have a “go forward” strategy. Once we enter the call, we ask what their benchmark is for repairing or replacing the device, so we don’t have to bother the IT team for approval. We can order the part, and they are just billed for the part. This is often the easiest way to get repair service for laser printers.

Ultimately,  it depends on the individual relationship with the customer and how they want the services set up. We have great success setting up enterprise accounts with HP LaserJet and Xerox WorkCentre, AltaLink and VersaLink products, as well as Canon and Konica Minolta.

After the part is ordered, then what?

Once we move forward with ordering the part, we send it directly to the location. During this process, we give you the ability to track the part and to schedule a technician to go to the site. Once the work is finished, you sign off on the work order, indicating that the device is fixed. The order is then sent back to the dispatch team, where we close out the ticket and bill you for the parts.

What if we can’t fix your laser printer?

In some rare instances, it is possible we won’t be able to figure out your printer problem, and we will have to look at replacement solutions. This is exceptionally rare. If this happens, we would often just ship a new printer to avoid the problem that comes from a printer failure.

We work with companies to manage their print fleets across the country. We deal with most major brands, like Xerox, HP, Canon, etc.  HP printers and Xerox printers are some of the most common out there. No matter what you have, we are likely to be able to help get you the repair parts, the technicians, and the sales experts to keep the printer service burden on you as low as possible.

Give United Laser a call to see what kind of printer repair plan we can put together for you!