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“Out of Paper” Alert: Causes and Quick Fixes.

We’ve all been there: you’re in a rush to get a document printed, and you’ve checked and double-checked that there’s paper loaded into the printer, yet, frustratingly, the printer insists there’s no paper.  Here at United Laser, we work with our clients to ensure their printers are working well and

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printers and MFPs

Save Money on Your Printers and MFPs

There is a desire by nearly every company to save money when they are buying printers, copiers or MFPs. In many cases, this makes sense, but having financial minimalism as an ultimate can be, at times, short-sighted. We have been helping companies save money and improve efficiency for over a

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managed print

How Managed Print Helps IT Efficiency

If you are responsible for IT, there are a lot of moving parts to be concerned about. There is the daily functioning of all the IT infrastructure – from email, to computers, to the CRM, to servers, the internet and phone. On top of that, there are printers and copiers

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Business Brief: 4 Resources About Printer Repair 

Do you or someone in your company struggle with printer repair issues on a regular basis? Today’s networked devices are as intelligent as some computers. Prices for a decent printer or copier can range from a few thousand to more than a small car. Therefore, whether to repair or replace

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printer repair mistakes

Do You Know These Common Printer Repair Mistakes?

All too often, business employees must stop what they’re doing to deal with broken devices and printer repair mistakes. At some point, you just start wondering if it’s better to replace or remove instead of repair? This can be a tricky call, but we can give you some tips drawn

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print management

PaperCut Print Management: 7 Ways to Print Smarter

Many companies already invest heavily to protect their digital content, but a major leak could still spring from something as avoidable as a sheet of paper left on a scanner or printer.  Another problem with abandoned prints? The needless paper waste. It’s not an eco-friendly business practice. It all adds

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